Anger Is A Stumbling Block

<![CDATA[In this video I reveal how I am struggling with anger. I reveal how God has showed me that while I thought I wasn't sinning in my anger, I actually am.

God revealed this to me as I asked Him to take away my anger. He revealed specifically what I was doing outside of His will and I believe that is because He knows I want to be INSIDE His will. I want to honor Him and obey Him and my anger is getting between that.

I am so grateful for revelation. I am so grateful that God can teach us in the brokenness and help us be stronger after it all. So, I still have anger that I am praying against, but now I can work on not sinning in that anger. Which to be completely honest is a challenge. Thankfully God will help me through it and I can focus on Him when it gets hard.

Are you sinning in your anger?

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