Fake Pregnancy Jokes Hurt

April Fools Fake Pregnancy Announcements

I cannot express how ridiculous it is for anyone to have to share that being pregnant is not a joke…

but then I remember that a lot of people don’t know… they don’t know the pain… the ache… the longing that so many go through in silence. They don’t know that every pregnancy announcement can sting the heart just a little (and sometimes a lot), they don’t know what it’s like to spend two weeks each month hoping to be pregnant followed by another week of complete and total emptiness, not just one month but EVERY MONTH of the year… year after year.

So if you are one of those that didn’t know… now you know…

Your friends or family members are struggling… maybe you don’t even know that they are struggling but the odds are that 1 in 8 go through infertility. Sooooo, if you have more than 8 friends on here… do you really want to hurt somebody you care about?

I know you don’t know how hard it is for some to put a smile on their face and say congratulations all while battling in secret thoughts of unworthiness, jealousy, frustration, even self hatred… and more… only to find out it was a joke?!

There are a lot of things I know wont change with infertility… The truth is simple… if you have never gone through infertility… you just don’t know. But this one little piece of advice… this is the thing you can do to respect those who are suffering in silence.

If you care to not cause others pain, please don’t joke about the things that are such a huge, hard struggle.

Also… please know if you truly are pregnant there is so much room for joy! Children are a blessing and should always be celebrated no matter what others go through in silence. #workInProgress#GodIsGood#infertilityIsHard#lifeIsHard#beThereForEachOther#april1st#aprilFoolsDay#infertilityIsNotAJoke#pregnancyIsNotAJoke#jokesDontHurt#ttc#ttctf

Ladies… if you are struggling, I would love to pray for you, please share with me… No matter what pain you are going through right now God is the answer we need. He is bigger than #infertility, than the #Covid19 than the #toiletPaperShortageOf20202 than it all.

He also loves you so much and doesn’t ever wish to cause you harm but He desires to comfort you, help you, make you complete, lacking nothing. We serve an awesome God who OVERCOMES the brokenness inside of us! Thank you LORD!

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