God Knows How You Are Feeling

God Knows How You are Feeling

To those who are waiting, to those who are hurting, to those who feel broken and incomplete please know that God knows.

He knows your ache and your pain and His answer is filled with loving kindness and compassion.

His answer to whatever you are going through is that He is bigger.

His answer is that He takes the impossible and makes it possible.

His answer is to show you how powerful and mighty He is when you know there is no other way but Him.

Our God is our comforter but we have to let him do the comforting. We have to GO TO HIM with our ache and our pain. We have to trust Him in this season so that we are prepared for the next season. We have to grow. We have to step out in faith and TRUST that God will use whatever you are going through today for His glory, and that means it will be okay.

You will be okay.

Always choose God’s comfort over anger at our circumstances. He has answers you can’t even fathom, He has blessings you can’t even dream up.

He is so good!

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