I Need You Lord

I Need You Lord

God, I want to seek you because I want to find you.

I need you Lord. I need to be held in your arms and I need to be under your protection. This season is hard Lord and it is full of ups and downs. It is full of longing and hoping for something I cannot produce but YOU Lord can. You continually make the impossible possible and what I hope to realize today as I seek you is that really nothing is impossible, there is nothing too big, too powerful, to hopeless because you can overcome it all.

So today Lord, I am seeking you in the hopes I find you, in the hopes you reveal yourself to me, speak to me, guide me, direct me, comfort me, show me all of you because I need you.

I need you Lord!

I take for granted that every breath I have been given is a gift and now Lord I am asking for the breath of another, for my child, for life and I know you can answer this prayer. I know you can bless me with conception. I know this isn’t outside of your will.

Today I will use this breath you gave me and I will seek you Lord. I will seek you and your Word says if I seek you with my whole heart I will find you. Today I will find you. I will no longer wander in confusion, in darkness, in brokenness. I will lean on you for my strength. I will lean on you for my guidance. I will surrender my wants and my desires because I do not serve this flesh, I serve you Lord.

I want all of you God.

I want my life to be in your will. Please God, hear my plea, fill me with your Holy Spirit and show me the lamp at my feet so I can follow your perfect plan.

You are my God, my Father, my hope, my joy, my peace. I love you, Lord!

In Jesus’ Name,

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