Infertility And Fathers Day

Infertility and Father’s Day 2018

This day can be hard, painful, and frustrating and that is when we turn to the Lord. Praying for the men today…

God, I pray that you comfort the men waiting for this day to be a day for them. For them to be fathers. Infertility brings so much attention to woman Lord but I know you see the aching hearts of men. The men who want to fill your shoes a little more and become fathers. To hold their children and comfort them, to protect them and guide them. To share their knowledge as they hope and pray that their children will be better and to give them so much more than what they had.

God, please comfort these men today, please give them peace and the confidence in you through this season. Please ease their troubled hearts and any shame they might feel. Infertility is hard and I ask that you draw them closer today.

Please give them peace Lord and help them to know they are not alone. That you are with them and that You Lord hold the answers.

Remind them of your goodness even in this season and encourage them that You already have a way, you already have figured it out Lord and they can let go of that responsibility and trust you with growing their family.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

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