Infertility Does Not Equal Abandonment

Infertility does not equal abandonment

Hey Ladies! For my new friends I just wanted to introduce myself and share my story and hear YOUR story…

My husband and I went through 7 years of infertility and in infertility I thought I was being abandoned. I thought I was forgotten. I thought the desires of my heart didn’t matter and I had to settle for less. So I gave up. BUT, God showed me that I had been believing lies, He showed me that infertility was not what I had PERCEIVED it to be. In fact, Infertility was a tool God was using to draw me into Him and to show me HOW MUCH HE LOVES ME and to give me SO MUCH MORE. And through surrendering my ways for His, God blessed us with our son.

The awesome thing is this is true for you too. Infertility is not meant to break us but to show us HOW to depend on God. This painful season can be joyful and hopeful and you can be confident in the promises God has for YOU in His Word.

Now my hope is to be an encourager to you. To ensure that you are not believing lies the enemy is using to deceive us but to see through his tricks and get back to the good TRUTH God has for you. I KNOW FOR A FACT that God has goodness planned for you and I know that it is better than you can even imagine! I know that He doesn’t want you to feel forgotten because HE WOULD NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU!!! You matter so much to God and any thought outside of that is a LIE!

Today I would love to hear your story, I would love to pray with you, I would love if you would let me encourage you and remind you of how VALUED you are. Please share your story below or login to connect with me in the private community.

It is my honor to be here for you and unite with you against the enemy so you can receive the FULLNESS of what God has planned for you!!!

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