Infertility and Demons

Infertility and Demons

Dr. Immanuel is a doctor in the spotlight right now for reasons I don’t want to get into because that is not the point of this post. As people dug into her background they found several claims this doctor made which tie in a spiritual aspect to physical problems. I am writing this post to …

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God is Not Santa

If you only go to God with your wish list then you are putting Him in the same box as Santa. God is not sneaking around making lists to judge your worth. He has already deemed you worthy through the blood of Jesus. We need to pray against the fear of judgement and invite God …

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Loving the Lord

The more time I spend with God, the more I truly love Him. Really, truly trust Him and fully depend on Him. This is a relationship that has 100% of God’s effort in… ? How much effort are you putting in on your side?

God Called You

Do not wait to be who God called you to be. No circumstances, no finances, no timelines will stop God’s plans, we just have to walk by faith and not light our own path. What can you change today to be who God called you to be?