Are you okay?

Are you okay? Like really truly okay. The pain of infertility can be consuming and if you take it on alone it will defeat you. God wants to help you get through this. Let Him. Please give me your prayer requests ???

Gratitude While Waiting

Sometimes we focus so much on what we don’t have, we forget to thank God for all we do have. Thank God for all He has blessed you with today ❤️

You Are Not Forgotten

The lie that you are forgotten is only believed when the enemy has deceived you through your pain. God is waiting for you to give him your pain so He can turn it into your testimony!

God Does Not Leave You Empty

Empty arms today do not mean they wont be filled soon. Today look for the things that fill your heart and know that God does not leave us empty. He is always moving, always doing, always blessing us. #BOLO (Be on the Lookout)!

For the Glory of the Lord

Nothing needs to make sense when I trust in You Lord. The pieces don’t have to fit how I think or assume. The days don’t have to be in my order. I submit and surrender to you and know that all of this is For Your Glory!