For the Glory of the Lord

Nothing needs to make sense when I trust in You Lord. The pieces don’t have to fit how I think or assume. The days don’t have to be in my order. I submit and surrender to you and know that all of this is For Your Glory!

NIAW Last Day 2019

Last day of #NIAW ? If you could ask God one question about YOUR infertility Journey what would it be?

NIAW 2019 Infertility Uncovered

<![CDATA[This years theme for #infertilityUncovered means something very POWERFUL for us… it's about uncovering TRUTH! Infertility is a breeding ground full of deception and this video is going to help you answer the question, is what I am believing a truth or a lie? If we let lies guide us we will stay hopeless and …

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NIAW Infertility Uncovered 2019

NIAW #infertilityUncovered #ttctf While this week is about making others aware of the struggle of infertility there are also some really important things we need to uncover during this season for those of us still in the wait. Today I want you to uncover the lies you have believed about infertility. Do you think God …

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