Life Seems Pointless and Meaningless

<![CDATA[This is a very personal blog post that I am sharing because I believe it is necessary. It is necessary to talk about the dark parts of our lives so we don't feel alone and can get through the difficult seasons and find the truth.

In the video above I share a short journal entry I wrote in 2008 and I hope if you are feeling this way it makes you feel a little less alone and a little more hopeful.

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12 thoughts on “Life Seems Pointless and Meaningless”

  1. LaTonya Hockett

    Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing this with us all! I know this has helped so many of us. This journey can be hard at times, but it’s nothing like our sweet Abba Father who swoops us up and takes all of our burdens, cares, and concerns! Awesome post!

  2. The end of 2008 was a really dark season for me too. God graciously lifted me up out of that place and then took me through one of the most precious seasons of growth I have known so far. Seeing how God was so faithful, gentle, and good through all of that and all of the lessons He taught me in the years that followed rooted me so deeply that now when I face seasons where everything is falling apart, I can look back and remember what He has already done. Remembering helps us to persevere. Since then, I’ve been through even harder circumstances, and though I have had low days, I’ve never sank quite so deeply again because I know this isn’t the end. I know that no matter what my circumstances are, God is not done with me yet here on earth. Ultimately, He is my everything, and no lack or harm can take Him away from me.

    1. Amen!!!! I am so glad you worked through that season and that you allowed it to prepare you for what came next. God knows what is coming next and knows we need that preparation! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  3. Stephanie Kaiser

    Thank you for being so raw and for sharing this with us! Over the past year I have been really working on getting rid of the lies in my life, like I’m never going to be a mother, I’m a failure as a woman.. the list goes on. I’m in such a better place this year! Thank you!

    1. Praise God, I am so excited you are in a better place! The enemy is thrives off of us believing lies. He is such a tricky, sneaky enemy but it’s so good when we can look to God and He reveals the truth!

  4. Sister! God is totally helping me through something major right now, deception that I have lived with in my mind…I have known “head knowledge” that He says I’m worthy and loved, but haven’t really been believing it or acting in it! Thank you for sharing so vulnerably!

    1. I’m so glad God is working through you on this because the enemy is full of lies meant to steal and destroy, but God brings life and He absolutely loves you! We have to keep recognizing those lies so we can stand on the truth and not let ourselves be deceived anymore!!

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