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“As my husband and I enter into our 8th year of infertility, I came hesitantly into Lillian’s TTCTF group pretty deflated, isolated, and certainly distant to God…

In a matter of just a couple weeks, scales have come off of my eyes, chains are being broken in my home where my husband and I had recently considered divorce, and a renewed hope in Jesus’ love is flourishing within us.

This is what it truly means to have hope in Jesus and I’m so excited, for the first time in a long time, of his continued redemption and blessings over my life.

It is absolutely evident how strongly the Holy Spirit resides and speaks through Lillian, as I have personally seen the same scales lifted off of so many other women in the group as well. God is able and you’re not alone! We all need support, DO NOT WALK THIS JOURNEY ALONE!! Miracles are coming! Come join in!” -Sarah Badry

“I have been TTC for six years with my husband. It has been a long, lonely journey. I have felt like there is no one that can relate or even understands. I was delighted to find Lillian’s book and journal. What sets her book apart is the 91 day journal and the group.

Once I joined the group and started the 91 day Journey, I no longer feel alone. I have discovered a whole community of women who can relate and who understand. I am no longer isolated.

Together we are on a journey of faith, seeking God everyday. I am excited to see all God does in this group and I’m looking forward to many breakthroughs and positive pregnancy tests! Thank you, Lillian!” – Misty Robinson