National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day 2018

Your arms should not be empty.

And while most forget, it’s impossible for you to forget.

You don’t forget the heartbeats or the dreams or the life that was never fulfilled.

Your child should be growing… should be learning… should be walking, talking, reading, laughing… snuggling.

Should. Be.

They were loved. They are loved. They still matter.

Your child whose life’s purpose was cut short… too short… the fairness is gone and the pain is deep.

This was not God’s plan.

But God does have a plan, and in Him we find the goodness. In Him you can laugh again, and hope again, and expect good things again. The enemy does not get victory here. The life you don’t hold right now, God holds FOREVER.

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. We see you, God sees you and has a plan for your broken heart. He wants to make you whole and complete, lacking nothing. He can do this where no one else can.

God is still good and his goodness is for you.

God please comfort the hurting as you have promised. As they reach out to you, draw near to them. As they seek you, let them find you. Let them see your goodness, your mercy, your grace. Please Lord bless these families. Restore what was lost. Restore their hope, their marriage, their futures! God you are able to take this pain and brokenness and bring something beautiful out of it. Thank you Lord! We rejoice in you always! We love you, in Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!

PS – Please reach out if you are struggling, the enemy has a plan too for your life and it’s full of misery and loneliness. Please don’t stay on his plan. God wants to show you so much more!

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