National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2019

A day to remember what you never forget seems strange so today I want to remind you where your child is… in the hands of our Lord. It might seem like a long wait to get to hold them but eternity is never ending and filled with unimaginable goodness.

I look forward to meeting all of your children one day to laughing and playing and seeing God’s eternal purpose fulfilled in the joy they bring us all.

God please comfort those who are hurting, morning and dreaming of what could have been. Help them find peace knowing their children are safe and protected and that we all have the chance and opportunity to spend eternity with them. We all have that gift available to us and I thank you for never giving up on us. I thank you Lord that even though the enemy wins some battles here on earth he does not have victory forever. I also stand in boldness asking for your protection over every pregnancy these women do have and ask Lord that they would never experience another loss, that they would never have to endure this pain again and that their next BFP will be filled with joy and excitement knowing that Lord you will protect the life, safeguard it through faith and the enemy will lose here on earth as well. We thank you Lord and praise your Holy and Mighty name, in Jesus name we pray, AMEN!

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