NIAW Infertility Uncovered 2019

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While this week is about making others aware of the struggle of infertility there are also some really important things we need to uncover during this season for those of us still in the wait.

Today I want you to uncover the lies you have believed about infertility. Do you think God forgot about you, or you don’t matter, do you feel like you are never going to get that BFP because of how long you have been trying? Whatever you are believing right now how do you know what is the truth and what is a lie? How do you find God here in the middle of the pain?

Today we are going to find out exactly how to UNCOVER the lies and find God’s truth so instead of being warn out and beat up you can find joy and hope in this season.

?♥️Live today at 2pm est, can you make it? Also let me know what are some lies you have believed about infertility?

>>>Tomorrow at 3pm est will be a prayer call, so be sure to make that too!

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