Our Timeline

God is not on our timeline. He cares more about our faith.

Our circumstances do not change the power of God and who He is. Our faith in God eliminates risk! Our faith in His power means we can look outside of our limitations and find His unlimited power!

God I pray you bring your comfort and show your love, power, and authority are bigger than what we ever imagined. That our timeline and time frame don’t change who you are. That with you God all things really are possible!


We can rest in knowing that it isn’t us or doctors that need to make a way, but it is YOU and YOU ALREADY KNOW THE WAY!!!

Thank you Jesus!!!

Thank you Lord for being able! Eliminate deception and help us reach for your peace Lord.

You are the Almighty, the GREAT I AM!

We worship you and ask for renewed hearts and renewed minds today. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name we pray, amen!!!

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