Stop Blaming Infertility On Yourself or Your Spouse

When we get married two become one. It is no longer “your” body and “his” body but one body.

There is no “your” diagnosis or “his” diagnosis but together this is the combination. You face this both together and know that God already knew this. God is our Healer and our Provider and this is not who HE said you were. You are His child and He will be glorified in our lack.

Remember this… the enemy wants you to be beat down but God has other plans. He wants to equip you and train you and show you the way to life not death.

We are all at war and the enemy will do whatever he can to make you feel like less than what God has called you to be. God will be glorified in this, just keep trusting Him.

I rebuke the attack the enemy has had in you to bring guilt and shame. You are the daughter of the Creator and He will not put you to shame but brings freedom in all things ???

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