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Hey My Friend!

Infertility is NO JOKE painful and frustrating. It’s mostly a silent, lonely and painful place. Most of us don’t have support or even friends who truly understand.

This PLACE of infertility becomes our identity, which life feels like a prison. An identity we want to reject but can’t seem to shake.
The testing, poking and prodding… ughhhhh… becoming highly invested in the content of our urine and BUYING things to pee on, (seriously friends, if you see a cup in the bathroom, don’t drink out of it)… it’s exhausting all for the hope of breaking free from this nightmare of infertility.
>>>Spoiler Alert: You CAN break free from this nightmare through the power of God’s TRUTH! It took me far too long to find it but I am revealing the exact scriptures which gave me freedom below, so keep reading... In the cycle of NOs, from undiagnosed to diagnosed, from spending every extra dollar we can to hopefully one day getting to the yes… we are paying a BIG cost.

• Author of TTCTF Book

Lillian Day – 7 Years of infertility before God revealed the truth about this deep, dark pit and how to get out of it! In 2014 we conceived our son supernaturally, by the power of God!

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What has infertility cost you?
Check what infertility has stolen from you
Your Hope?
Your Joy?
Your Excitement?
Your Friendships?
Your Happiness?
Your Health?
Your Sex Life?
Your Marriage?
Your Relationship with God?
Your Faith?
Your Eternity?

7 years of infertility and I was risking everything in the list above for the desires of my heart.

When you look at the list above and see the cost, I want you to ask yourself 2 questions…

1) Is this what God wants for you?



I don’t know

2) Is this what God promised you?



I don’t know

Today I want you to be certain that the answers to both of the questions above are “No”. God does not want you to suffer through infertility and “No”, He did not promise you to be barren. Any other answer is going to rooted in lies and I can PROVE it…
Infertility Consumed Everything… Does any of the below look familiar to you?
• Furious at God for not doing what He is capable of doing.

• Mad for a long time at EVERYTHING and not even realize it.
• Just stop talking to God. Stop expecting Him to do what His Word says.

• Stop believing God was for you and started believing feelings over the actual truth.

My answers to infertility used to be filled with lies. I believed either God didn’t love me or He didn’t care about me (while these are lies they felt true and so I believed them, maybe you are believing them too?… if so keep reading… there is freedom you are going to get right now as you continue reading because we are going to find the REAL BIBLICAL TRUTH).

Tired of Believing LIES? Find God’s Truth for Infertiliy in TTCTFShipped to your door, just cover S&H. Believing those lies made me stop TTC and I convinced myself life would be better without kids. I tried to numb myself from the gigantic void in my broken heart. But in the middle of my fake, phony happiness a cycle came and I thought I might actually be pregnant.

We’ve all been there, convinced that THIS is the cycle. This is it, all of the signs, symptoms overwhelm our hearts with hope (you know the kind you try to bury deep down, so it doesn’t hurt anymore) and with this sneaky hope I waited for my BFP. Then, at just the WRONG time, I got my period. Still more NOs, even after I gave up trying. I couldn’t escape them!

This brand-new “NO” reminded me how badly I wanted the “YES,” igniting a fire in me to do whatever it took to get the BFP. By “doing whatever it took,” … I took my anger to God and I asked Him…
“Why don’t I have the desires of my heart as You promise in your Word?” I needed a scripture reference to back up my argument, so I looked up that Bible verse and God began to open the power of truth into my heart…
I didn’t realize at the time that EVERYTHING I believed about infertility was a lie straight from the Devil.
Do you remember back in the Garden what the serpent said to Eve? – “Did God really say that?”
From the beginning of human creation we see the enemy instilling doubt into our relationship with God.

If Satan did it THEN, of course he is doing it NOW… in all of us!

We have ALL believed Satan, who is trying to kill, steal and destroy, OVER God who created us. God gave us a purpose and a life, with many biblical promises. We HAVE TO choose God over Satan!
That choice is made with our thoughts and actions, not just with our words. It’s in the quiet, dark places of our pain where we choose WHO is ruling in our life.

Ask yourself these questions right now:
Check the ones you say “yes” to
Am I doubting God?
Am I angry at God?
Do I feel rejected and abandoned by God?
Have I stopped talking to God?
Have I stopped believing in God’s Word?
Do I think God forgot about me?
Do I believe God is punishing me?
Do I believe my diagnosis (or lack thereof) is impossible for God to overcome?
Have I been telling myself I am never going to get pregnant?

Be sure to grab your free copy of, “Trying to Conceive Through Faith” to turn the lies you are believing into the truth from God’s Word. Find what God promised you because every check box above is a check to a lie and there is a BETTER answer, a hopeful answer.

An answer full of the goodness of God! PLUS to help you further combat these lies I have 137 prayers written for women just like you going through infertility, marriage troubles, miscarriages, IVF process, prayers for hope and so much more. You can grab that as an additional bonus to download today! Click here to grab both now.

If you checked off ANY of those questions above, I want to share something with you that God revealed to me as I have searched Him for the answers to infertility…

Infertility is much more about spiritual warfare than you may realize. This has been revealed to me as I spent this last year mentoring and supporting women going through infertility. 
We all know that familiar cartoonish image of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. In essence, this is what spiritual warfare looks like. Unfortunately, we don’t actually go through life seeing it so clearly. Wouldn’t it be easier if we actually SAW a red guy with the pitch fork, every time we were under attack?
Unfortunately, we see everything through a limited perspective (ours is just never going to be God’s all knowing, all seeing view of life) which can lead us into confusion when we think we know what should and shouldn’t be.

Our thoughts, our actions and our perspectives dictate how we live. It’s not coming out of the mouth of that little red devil telling us what to do. It’s the thoughts in our heads telling us what to do, what to believe and how to act… all in our own little voice. Distinguishing the truth from the lies is 100% more complicated when they all originate from our own mind.
Guess What…

The Devil takes full advantage of our pain, hurt and anger. He uses our feelings to drive a wedge between us and God. Satan is the one who prompts us to start answering “yes” to the check box questions above.
If we are going to follow God and call ourselves true Believers (you know… without the air quotes), who genuinely love the Lord and know He loves us back, no matter the circumstances… we need to examine our thoughts, actions and perspectives to ensure they are based in facts.

So, what does all of this have to do with infertility? Everything…
The pain of infertility opens a door for the enemy to cause confusion, where God wants peace. When we let Satan in we are pushing God out.

This is an emergency…

Believing Satan’s lies puts our eternity at risk. At the very least it makes us lukewarm, which is very dangerous when it comes to our walk with God.

Revelation 3:16 says, “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”
Right now you might feel like you’ve been spit out of the mouth of God, but who would want you to believe that? It’s not biblical right now… but one day it could be.

Something has to change!
Did Satan sneak in the open door from the pain of your infertility?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you have been tricked by the enemy and I can prove it over and over again.


I used to believe all of those lies too! They all felt so real and so believable I couldn’t believe any other way.
Then I looked up the Bible verse about the desires of my heart and here is what it says. Psalm 37:4 (ESV), “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
So here was my biblical evidence: I should have what I want, when I want it, the way I want it. What I didn’t realize previously was this verse actually had instructions on how to get the desires of our heart. The context of this scripture has to be read from verse 3-8, which says to trust, do good, delight, commit, be still, don’t fret, refrain from anger and forsake wrath.

3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;   
dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.4 Delight yourself in the Lord,   
and he will give you the desires of your heart.5 Commit your way to the Lord;   
trust in him, and he will act.6 He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,   
and your justice as the noonday.7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;   
fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way,   
over the man who carries out evil devices!8 Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath!   
Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

All of a sudden, I had this realization…
I expected God to be a genie and give to me according to my will, all while being angry and impatient, blaming God and not serving Him. These verses unlocked a powerful strategy which changed my mindset of listening to lies to partnering with God.
3 months later we conceived our son, after trying after 7 years and failing on our own!
What changed from 7 years of infertility TTC to 3 months of seeking God TTCTF (Trying to Conceive Through Faith)? God equipped me in the battle of infertility. Instead of letting my pain dictate everything, I let the Truth dictate everything. God’s Word gave me the strategy and following that strategy is how I became pregnant. Implementing this strategy is how I received the desires of my heart. This is the power of truth, God’s truth!

If you look at the instructions found in Psalm 37 above and are overwhelmed with all that is expected of you, that’s okay. I was overwhelmed too! In the months following, I did my best. I found other Scriptures which helped me start living this way and I applied what I found in the Bible to my life… which is available to YOU too!

What’s your infertility strategy? (It’s okay if the one you have now isn’t working… I’m giving you mine in the TTCTF book! Once I applied these Biblical principals to TTC it took 3 months to conceive our son!

The traditional strategies of infertility include: • Do whatever the healthcare professional says.
• Listening to the advice of friends and family but don’t understand God’s promises for your life.

• Locate and follow the internet’s advice about “tricks” to getting pregnant.

• Screaming at God in pain while hearing nothing in return.

• Just waiting and waiting for something to happen without pursing a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in this season.

CLEARLY… it’s time for a new strategy, one that works!

You don’t want to go into war without a strategy. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like I was you’ve been sitting in the middle of this war for far too long without one. This is why I am sharing this powerful strategy with you.

What happens if you continue without a strategy…
The costs will continue to add up…

Let’s say you do get pregnant in the middle of your anger and pain, in the middle of your strained marriage, in the middle of your rejecting God’s truth and believing Satan’s lies.

How do you plan on recovering from all of that brokenness?

Your BFP is one positive in the middle of a bunch of negatives because of how much infertility has destroyed along the way.

The joy you thought you were pursuing has its foundation in pain and brokenness, which doesn’t go away with a BFP.
It really helps if your relationship with God is solid because you need His help in ALL things (including what we are striving for… to be parents). To depend on Him fully you need to think beyond the goal of the BFP and look at what kind of life you are molding for your future children.
Things wont change once you get the BFP (no matter how much we think they will). If in this time of desperately needing the Lord, you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to listen and obey Him, then you surely won’t be able to once you have a baby running around… with no time to even brush your teeth some days!
If you only grab 1 piece of information today it’s this…
Infertility is actually the BEST pre-parenting training you could ever go through as a Believer.


When you have believe lies, like I did, you are missing out on what God wants to teach you. I know this is true because when I finally surrendered and started doing what the Bible says, I became a better mom before I even got pregnant. I learned enduring patience, a deep trust in God, better revelation of His love for me… these realizations make the future of parenting 100% better!

Plus… this is not just my own realization… It’s happening over and over again in those who have applied these biblical principles while TTCTF. No matter what the diagnosis, how long the time spent TTC or whatever your age might be…

God is able to make the most beautiful things from our brokenness, we just have to let Him!
I know this might sound crazy, but…
I have found myself genuinely thanking God for infertility in my life. When I let God guide me, infertility made me more patient. It made everything about parenting more precious. It made me a better wife and prioritized my relationship with God.

Now, we have God parenting WITH us.

I can tell you definitively, I would not have gotten pregnant if it wasn’t for partnering with God in this TTC journey. Even if I did get pregnant without correcting my relationship with God, I would have missed out on all of these lessons! I wouldn’t be the Mom or the wife I am today. I would be parenting without a genuine relationship and dependency on the Lord, which is not what He wants for your BEST life.
The joy of the Lord is even in the most trying moments of parenthood, like when I was up at 3am for the 3rd night in a row taking care of my newborn blessing, when I could barely keep my eyes open. In every diaper change and every hug, in every awesome part of this abundantly blessed life, even the difficult ones, God is there and now I KNOW IT!
I want you to know it too!

It’s time to see infertility through God’s eyes, not the Devil’s LIES.
I want you to take this seriously, because if you are anything like me, this season of infertility is putting your eternity at risk.

We are not just fighting for our babies’ lives, their future, their future spouse, their purpose… we are also fighting for ourselves and our husband’s eternity.
Remember, Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy!
Don’t think for one second this is a “kind” enemy we have. He is brutal and ruthless in his determination to destroy God’s plan for your life. He has no place in our thoughts. If you see destruction, if you have been robbed over and over again of the joy of the Lord and His promises, the one you should be mad at is Satan, not our God. 
This is full out WAR and I am ready to fight WITH you!

I am sending you my book Trying to Conceive Through Faith (TTCTF) for free! I wrote this book when I stopped TTC and started TTCTF. God gave me a ton of revelation and scripture to back up every step we took to change the way infertility was CONTROLLING me and to give it all to God for complete freedom and joy.

TTCTF is filled with the strategy to help you walk through this season in TRUTH. It shows step by step how Renewed Hope unlocked my BFP and I believe it will for you too.

This is an easy to read blueprint that you can use to start changing your infertility story now!

I am sending the TTCTF book to you for free for this reason:

I know firsthand the warfare you are going through and I want you to be equipped for victory. You do not need to suffer anymore like I did. You can crush the voice of Satan in your head and completely change your perspective during this battle. When you receive and read this book you will no longer have to live without the full power of God leading the way!
What choice will YOU make?

Are you going to continue in the middle of this war without a strategy, setting yourself up for more failure?


Are you ready to see the Truth and find the perfect plan God has for you in this season and beyond?

Whatever you do, don’t stay in this pit of misery!
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Infertility has cost you so much already, without even counting the financial costs. I am thrilled to walk YOU through every step of every revelation God gave me in His Word, so you can be equipped to fight this spiritual battle with a solid, successful strategy!

In His Love, Lillian Day Author: TTCTF BooksMission: To see women set free from the bondage of infertility so we all can live a life full of fruit and eternity with the Lord!P.S. – Be sure to grab the free copy of TTCTF now and also check out your other bonus Prayer Pack with over 100 prayers specifically for fertility, yours free, *Just cover S&H! click here.

P.P.S. – This book has the infertility strategy that will help you find God in the middle of this season and grow here as you hopefully wait for your BFP!