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Infertility Prayers

Download 14 powerful prayers to help you through infertility. These prayers will open up the door to encourage honest conversations with God about your pain, your faith and the desires of your heart.
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Infertility Podcast

Join in on the Christian infertility Support Podcast conversation. We go through step by step plans for you to find peace and joy in this season.
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Renewed Hope Series

Watch this video on renewed hope. Recorded live with women just like you, frustrated and tired of trying but together we break through to the truth so TTC can be filled with hope as we add Faith!
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Trying to Conceive Through Faith

We are focusing on Faith while trying to conceive and that is where TTCTF was born. I spent 7 years of going through infertility before I started focusing on Faith and it was completely miserable until I started truly depending on God. I finally surrendered it ALL to God and in return God gave me this step by step plan to add faith while waiting. The amount of growth that happens in the pages of this book is so jam packed full of freedom you are going to be shocked by the results!

Chapters from Trying to Conceive Through Faith


Renewed Hope

Make your past "history" so you can focus on the promises of God and His goodness!

Conquering Fear

Identify fears which affect your relationship with God so you can overcome and replace them with faith.


Ensure you are not the reason God is waiting to bless you, by actively pursuing Him.

Through Faith

Take responsibility for trusting God while you are TTCTF, because He has remained faithful even as you lacked faith.

Getting Right With God

Repair any damage in your relationship with God.

Unity In Marriage

Learn to love each other the way God defines love.

Honoring The Body

Learn to honor your body as a gift from God.

God's Plan

Recognizing God has a good plan and you can trust Him no matter what.

Fighting Deception

Recognize deception and eliminate it so you only listen to God's truth.

Trusting God

Ensure you are trusting God in all circumstances because He is worthy of your trust.

Imperfect Action

Learn to take action without getting overwhelmed by your shortcomings so you grow in your relationship with God, no matter what you face.

Biblical Infertility

Remember the biblical evidence of God answering prayers for conceiving and remembering out circumstances do not change God's ability.

God Is Faithful

Remember our lack of faith does not change God's faithfulness and understanding, that when we are faithful, God answers prayers.


"Lillian and TTCTF came into my infertility journey at just the right time. As I was getting closer to God, I didn't yet have all the steps and revelations to do so on my own, and I was still letting the enemy take away my joy. Being in the TTCTF program and community has been life-changing..."
Stefanie Barone-Calabria

Stefanie Barone-Calabria

“Wow! During the first week of Trying to Conceive Through Faith (TTCTF) I was blown away by the insight and revelation that began to flood my heart! Trying to conceive often becomes an emotional time that leads to doubt, despair, and hopelessness. This is a terrible state to be in and as women of faith, we shouldn’t be! Our time should be full of faith, hope, and joy!..."
ElizaMae Taylor

ElizaMae Taylor

"TTCTF has been nothing short of a major blessing to me. Lillian speaks of so much that I am needing in my infertility journey that I know God put her and this product in my life on purpose. In the six years that my husband and I have been TTC, I have shouted in anger at God; I have felt overlooked; I have let the enemy slip in without even realizing it."
Amanda Wade

Amanda Wade

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